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What does the MRF do?
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The MRF sorts, packages and ships the following material for recycling in the United States of America:Tin and Aluminium recyclables Air-conditioners Vehicle Batteries Cell PhonesCell Phone BatteriesComputers, Computer monitors, mice, peripherals and... Read More
Do you have any tips on TAG recycling to make it easier for me?
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Tips for handling recyclables (see answers to previous question and below):a. Keep ants out of your recyclables and trash binsEncircle the outside of your bins with duct tape pull tape tight and wrap once, flip tape over so sticky side is facing you... Read More
What types of waste received at the airport can potentially be recycled?
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Scrap metal; white goods; tyres. The Waste Management Section is currently looking to expand it's suite of recyclables to include many of the metal items that are sent to the Airport Facility. In the last 2 years household air-conditioners and... Read More
When are my garbage collection days?
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Household garbage is collected on Monday and Thursday in the west end and Tuesday and Friday in the east end. Read More
How do you get rid of household bulk waste items?
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To avoid the chance that your waste may be illegally dumped, use only reliable, established trucking firms or call our Marsh Folly Depot which provides free collection of many house-hold bulky waste items such as sofas, refrigerators and other items ... Read More
Why do we use blue bags instead of a bin for recycling T.A.G.?
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When our T.A.G. recycling program was first implemented we tested reusable bins and bags to determine which worked best in Bermuda. Our generally windy conditions led us to choose the blue bag system as opposed to the open crate system used in many ... Read More
What items should not go in your Household Garbage?
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The following items, if put into regular Household Garbage can present a health risk for your Collections Staff, Bermuda's Environment and You. Many of these items, when disposed of correctly are sent overseas for recycling benefiting all of us... Read More
What processing occurs at the airport site before certain materials can be disposed?
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Batteries and fluids are removed from vehicles and CFCs are removed from refrigerators before disposal. Vehicle batteries are now recycled at the MRF; CFCs can be filtered and reused; waste oil is shipped to America where it is reused for home heati... Read More
What type of waste is brought to this facility?
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The Airport Facility accepts cars, bikes, scrap metal, 'white goods' (refrigerators, washing machine, and other large appliances), rubble or stone, PVC plastic, clean soil, and tyres for disposal. Read More
What else can I recycle in Bermuda?
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We now recycle cell phones, cell phone and other rechargeable batteries, vehicle batteries, household air conditioners, computers, computer monitors, printers, computer mice, keyboards and other peripheral devices. Email or call 747-3... Read More
What is Compost?
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A high quality soil conditioner made by combining yard waste and food scraps. With the right amount of water and heat they are transformed into good quality compost right in your back yard. Read More
Why Recycle TAG?
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Recycling keeps Bermuda's air and water quality safer. Recyclables like Tin, Aluminium and Glass are valuable natural resources that are readily recyclable.Recycling them helps lower Bermuda's Carbon Footprint to fight Global Warming. Recyc... Read More
What are the hours of operation for the Domestic Household Waste Pick Up?
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The office of the Domestic Household Waste Pick Up is open for business between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 pm every week day with the exception of Public Holidays. Appointments for pick ups can be made during these times. The Office is closed from ... Read More
What does TAG stand for?
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TAG stands for Tin, Aluminium and Glass. Bermuda has a curb-side recycling programme which offers free collection and recycling of TAG materials. Read More
Who picks up big trash items?
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Arrangements can be made for the pick up of big residential trash Items by calling the Marsh Folly facility at 2955151 Read More
Where do I purchase compost bins?
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Compost bins can be purchased by contacting the Waste Management Section Works & Engineering. Waste Management is located in Global House on the xx floor or can be contacted through the main government switchboard at 2955151. Read More
What are the benefits of composting for residents?
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24% of the average Bermuda house-hold's garbage is compostable kitchen waste. Your home-grown compost is a slow-release fertilizer. When you distribute it in your garden, you are amending the soil, ultimately increasing its nutrient content, it... Read More
What do I do with items marked hazardous?
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Any household special waste material that requires specialized disposal may be dropped off at the Special Waste Section of the Tynes Bay Public Drop-Off open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 7 days a week. For commercial loads of special waste or materials you... Read More
What happens to the bottom and fly ash that is generated and Tynes Bay?
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The ash is mixed with cement and placed in mould at the airport facility. Once the mixture sets it is able to be used as foreshore protection. Approximately 80 blocks are made per week or 4,000 per year. Read More
How does composting benefit Bermuda?
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Home composting removes hundreds of pounds of food waste from your house-hold garbage.Composting reduces wear and tear on collection vehicles and Collection Crews.Composting reduces the amount of non-combustible waste taken to the Tynes Bay Waste to ... Read More
I have an animal that has perished. Is there anyplace that I can take it?
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Dead animals can be taken to the Marsh Folly facility. For further information contact that facility through 2955151. Read More
How do we make sure we get the most out of the available space in the airport site?
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The waste is compacted with a landfill compactor. Read More
What type of waste is not accepted at this site?
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Hazardous wastes, wood, residential garbage, plastics other than PVC, asbestos, paint, oil, furniture, horticultural wastes are not accepted at the Airport Facility. Read More
Who do I contact if my TAG is not collected?
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E-mail us at or call 747-3024. Read More
How do I purchase a Home Composter?
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You may purchase an 'EarthMachine' ( composter by visiting the Ministry of Works and Engineering's head office on the 3rd floor of the Main Post Office building. Composters cost $80 each and can be picked-up at th... Read More
How do we contain floating debris at the Airport Facility?
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A floating boom much like those used to contain oil spills was installed and has been quite successful in keeping debris out of Castle Harbour. Read More
Where do my TAG recyclables go?
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TAG recyclables go to the Material Recovery Facility or MRF at the old government quarry in Hamilton Parish where a fully automated sorter separates and bales the tin and aluminium for recycling in the US. Glass is crushed and used in construction p... Read More
What day are my TAG recyclables collected?
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TAG is collected on Thursday in the west end and Friday in the east end. Read More
What is Backyard Composting?
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Backyard composting is a process that allows you to decompose some of your table scraps and yard waste into fertile humus (or new soil).Composting at home reduces your personal volume of trash, conserves water, increases plant growth and replaces the... Read More
What is special waste?
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Special waste is comprised of any potentially toxic chemical cleaners, pesticides, paints, solvents, etc. Usually these items are marked 'Toxic' or 'Hazardous' and can present a human and environmental health risk if disposed of ... Read More
What can the airport site be used for when it is rehabilitated?
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Various uses are being investigated -- perhaps parking for the airport or green space for public use. Read More
Can schools recycle?
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Yes! Waste Management offers schools the opportunity to recycle by providing free collection of T.A.G recyclables from schools around the island.Email or call 297-7953 for further information.Recycling bins and bags are available for ... Read More
Do I need to wash my TAG?
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Washing or rinsing your TAG makes the job of handling materials a more pleasant one for the MRF staff. Easy cleaning tip for your recyclables:Keep cans, tins and bottles to one side during meal preparation. After dishes have been washed rinse recycl... Read More