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I don’t want my child to participate in Project Ride, what does he/she have to do now?
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Yourchild will be required to produce a completed Medical form as well theirpassport and sit the theory exam. Upon passing, the child will be required totake the practical exam then upon passing, they will queue in line in order topay for their licen... Read More
Where can I locate a Project Ride instructor as my child attends a home/private school?
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You maycontact the Road Safety Officer to obtain contact details of all Project RideInstructors. Read More
. My son/daughter wishes to take part in Project ride, what steps should they take?
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A BermudaYouth License (BYL) has been initiated and is obtained with a successfulcompletion of the Project Ride program, via an official certificate.  Additionally, a medical form must becompleted and the necessary funds must be paid at TCD to s... Read More
I am in Bermuda on a work permit (guest worker). Can I do Project Ride?
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No. Project ride is for students’ age 15 1/2 and over Read More
My child has participated in Project Ride; what do we do now?
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Yourchild will be required to provide a completed Medical form; passport, and aProject Ride completion slip (provided by their Instructor) for the Examiner tocomplete a Pass Certificate. The child will then be required to obtain a ticketfor service Read More
My child is 14; can he/she participate?
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No. Theage limit is 15 1/2 for Project Ride participants Read More