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What happens if the sticker gets torn off?
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You maycome in have another sticker generated then affixed to your windshield by ouronsite installer Read More
What is EVR and why should I have it installed?
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TheElectronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) tag that sticks to the windshield of yourcar verifies whether a vehicle has a valid registration.  Read More
Can my illegal plate be read by the EVR readers?
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Illegalplates can be detected by the EVR reader and you can be cited fornon-compliance. Read More
What would happen if I do not have it installed on my windshield?
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You willbe issued a citation as a result of failure to follow legislation as all 4wheeled vehicles are required to have this tag (sticker) affixed to thewindshield as of July 1st 2008. Read More
I drove my car while it was unlicensed and now I am unable to renew the license; what now?
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Your vehiclemay be blocked from relicensing as a result of being tracked by the allocatedtag readers positioned at various parts of the island: Middle Road, Devonshire;Harbour Road; Rural Hill in Paget; and Blue Hole Hill. Read More
I didn’t know I needed one, where do I get a sticker installed?
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You may bring your vehicle to TCD at any time and theInstaller will install your tag on site. Read More
Is there radiation generated from the sticker?
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The levelof radiation generated from the EVR tag is minimal at best. Read More