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How do I give you my insurance information to renew my vehicle license online?
Viewed 294 times since Wed, Jul 22, 2015
Your insurance provider is awarethat they must electronically send your updated policy information to theTransport Control Department’s system in order for our system to be updated.Please confirm with your insurer that this has been done and th... Read More
Why don’t I see the relicense button?
Viewed 291 times since Wed, Jul 22, 2015
If you do not see the"RELICENSE" button on your home page; please note the followingpossible reasons: 1. Your Insurance policy information is not current in our records; Pleaseconfirm with your insurer that they have electronically updated your polic... Read More
I received an error message when I attempted to relicense my vehicle online; what do I do now?
Viewed 246 times since Wed, Jul 22, 2015
Please email the helpdesk and confirm the error message that you've received; theusername that you created; and / or a detailed description of the problem inorder for the helpdesk to further assist you.   Read More
How do I create a user account?
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In order to register for a useraccount, please log on to and select the "register"option. Complete and submit (by saving) your details and you should receive viathe email address provided, an activation /registration code. You should ... Read More