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What happens to my current War Veteran card?
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            New War Veteran recipients will still be issued an official WV card showing their picture ID.   All veterans can continue to use this card for ID purposes. Read More
Who should I call if I have any questions on my medical claims?
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         You may call the Health Insurance Department (HID) for any FutureCare queries regarding any medical claims.  All other War Veteran queries can be directed to the Department of Social Insurance.  &... Read More
FutureCare requires a co-pay with many medical providers. Will I have to pay this co-pay?
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            In some instances there still exists a co-pay which the War Veterans program does not cover which you would be paying for already such as visits to a GP and/or specialist.  Pleas... Read More
Additional FutureCare & War Veteran Questions can be directed to:
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FutureCare Medical Questions:  Tel:  295-9210  War Veteran Questions: c/o The Department of Social Insurance at: Tel:  295-5151 ext. 1132 or ext. 1305 Tel:  294-9242 (direct)  Email at Website:&nbs... Read More
I do not wish to be on the FutureCare plan for my medical coverage. Can I opt out and go to another insurer and still receive the additional War Veteran benefits?
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      The Government recognizes that our current War Veteran beneficiaries have the choice to utilize other medical insurers if they so wish to cover their individual medical needs and some of our Veterans have already c... Read More
Who will pay the FutureCare premium?
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Government will pay the entire cost of the monthly FutureCare premium for all eligible War Veterans.  Read More
What card do I present to my doctor, pharmacist, etc?
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           A new FutureCare card will be issued to all War Veterans for presentation to medical providers.   This card will reflect a special code that the cardholder is also a War Veteran. ... Read More
How will this change my benefits as a War Vet recipient?
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 Medical benefits currently provided for by the Government’s War Veterans program will actually be enhanced under FutureCare for all War Veteran recipients. For example there will be enhanced benefits for War Veteran recipients not current... Read More
When will the War Veterans be transferred to FutureCare?
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The enrolment to FutureCare for all War Veterans will be effective June 1, 2012. Read More