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What is Nomination Day?
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What is Nomination Day? Read More
What are some of the important dates to remember in a run-up to an election?
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One of the more important periods to remember is the seven-day registration period after the Writ is published. When canvassing, no constituent after the seven-day period if not registered, will be able have their name placed on the register in order... Read More
What is a Writ of Election?
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A writ of Election is issued to commence the start of a Parliamentary Election. It names the polling day, constituency, election room and the nomination day. Read More
What is the 7-meter line?
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The seven-meter line is the demarcation point in which candidates are not allowed to go beyond when greeting voters. This is to give voters free and un-inhibited access to and from the polling station. Read More
Will I receive the deposit of $250.00 back?
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Any candidate who receives in excess of 1/8th of the total ballots cast is entitled to the reimbursement of the deposit of $250 from the Accountant General’s Department. Read More
What is the format required for Nominations?
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Nominations should be presented to the Returning Office on the Nomination papers provided by the Parliamentary Registry Office, or in the prescribed form. The nomination paper must be delivered in duplicate to the Returning Officer either by the inte... Read More
Do I have to disclose my interest in government contracts?
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Yes, all nominated candidates are required to disclose any interest in any Government contract within seven (7) days of their nomination as a candidate for election. This disclosure must include the nature of the contract and the interest by means of... Read More
As a candidate am I allowed to have representatives within the polling station?
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Yes. As a candidate you are entitled to have "election agents” represent you within the polling station. You are allowed one agent for every election table and one agent to act as a courier or messenger. During the count of ballots you are entitled t... Read More
Is there a fee to run in a parliamentary election?
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Yes. The amount of $250.00 must be paid to the Accountant General on behalf of the candidate. An official receipt must be presented along with the nomination paper to the Returning Officer as proof of the deposit being made to the Accountant General&... Read More
How do I get my information on the Parliamentary Registry website?
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All candidates may present a black and white photo and bio to the Parliamentary Registry office for inclusion on our website at The bios must be no more than 250 words. Please note: Any bios greater than 200 words will be automa... Read More
When are Nominations accepted?
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Nomination period for the Nomination of Candidates will be held between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Nomination day at the election room appointed for the parliamentary election. No nominations will be accepted before or after the specified period. No... Read More