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How is the Legal Aid Certificate revoked or discharged?
Viewed 1226 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Once the matter for which the Certificate was granted has come to an end, the Committee will direct that the Certificate be discharged. In other circumstances, if the Committee determines that an assisted person has willfully failed to comply with an... Read More
Where Can I Obtain Legal Advice?
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Aside from attending at The Legal Aid Office at 129 Front Street in Hamilton, persons wanting free legal advice can visit the Legal Advice Bureau at The Centre on Angle Street in Pembroke, across from the Dellwood Middle School. The Bureau is open ev... Read More
Does Legal Aid have the right or power to make inquiries related to my application?
Viewed 1000 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
As the applications process sometimes requires reference to other Government Departments, Section 9 of The Legal Aid Act allows the Legal Aid Committee to seek relevant information from other Government Departments (such as The Department of Financia... Read More
How can I get legal advice?
Viewed 963 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
It is customary that when unrepresented parties appear in the courts, especially when facing criminal charges and before entering a plea, they are advised of their right to seek legal advice either from the Duty Counsel or from The Legal Aid Office. ... Read More
What is the function of The Legal Aid Committee?
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The Legal Aid Committee consists of 5 persons, all of whom must be resident in Bermuda, who are appointed by The Minister of Justice after consultation with The Chief Justice. One of the 5 is then appointed as Chairman who must be someone who has hel... Read More
What happens if someone provides false information to Legal Aid?
Viewed 890 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Anyone who knowingly provides false information in respect of an application for a Legal Aid Certificate commits an offence. Punishment on summary conviction is a term of imprisonment for 6 months or a fine of $1500.00. Read More
How do I make application for Legal Aid?
Viewed 878 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Applications for a Legal Aid Certificate are made in writing at The Legal Aid Office by the person seeking a Legal Aid Certificate. Anyone under the age of 18 years must have the application made by the parent or guardian of the young person whilst t... Read More
How are Legal Aid Certificates granted?
Viewed 845 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
A Legal Aid Certificate can granted by The Legal Aid Committee where the Applicant's disposable income is less than $19,000.00 a year, but where that disposable income is $20,000.00 or more, a Certificate cannot be granted. The Legal Aid Committ... Read More
If I get Legal Aid, do I have to pay anything to my lawyer?
Viewed 842 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Where The Legal Aid Committee has granted a Certificate to an assisted person, no lawyer acting for that person shall take or agree to take or seek to take from that person any fee or remuneration in respect of any work done for and one behalf of tha... Read More
How do you calculate the Legal Aid Contribution?
Viewed 839 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
The Third Schedule to The Legal Aid Act, 1980 sets out the formula for calculating what the assisted person's contribution should be and that amount will be shown on that individual's Certificate. In addition, the Schedule highlights the fa... Read More
Do I have to make a contribution for my Legal Aid?
Viewed 835 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
A person to whom a Legal Aid Certificate is granted - an 'assisted person' - may, in certain circumstances, be required to make a contribution towards the sums payable out of The Legal Aid Fund on his behalf. If, however, the assisted perso... Read More
How do I apply for an Emergency Legal Aid Certificate?
Viewed 829 times since Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Provision is also made in the act for The Senior Legal Aid Counsel, in appropriate cases, to issue an Emergency Legal Aid Certificate for a temporary period not exceeding 28 days. Read More