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What is the contact information for Environmental Health?
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For Environmental Health,Tel: 278.5333, Fax: 232.1941, email:   For the Vector Control Section, Tel 278 5397 Our street address is: Metro Building, 6 Hermitage Rd, Devonshire FL01 Read More
Can I bring in water to be tested?
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Yes, but you need to pick up sterile bottles from the Environmental Health Office. There is a fee of $25 for this service. Read More
There are offensive smells emanating from my neighbour’s cess pit or septic tank. How can I get this dealt with?
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This problem can usually be rectified. Call the Environmental Health Office and give details to the Officer responsible for your neighbourhood . The Officer will investigate and work with the homeowner to ensure that the situation is rectified. Read More
When do you conduct water testing and when can I expect the results?
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Receiving of water samples for testing is available between, Monday and Wednesday by 2:00 p.m. Read More
I have a frog in my tank, what do I do?
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An Officer from Environmental Health can assist you to determine how the frog got into the tank in the first instance and make recommendations for preventing a recurrence. If you have concerns about the water, you can also discuss this with the offic... Read More