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There’s a restaurant with a barbeque across from my apartment building in Hamilton.  The smoke stench is getting into my clothes, who can I contact regarding this matter?
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Contact Environmental Health to make a complaint. Tel : 278 5333 or email: Read More
Is trash burning legal?
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No. It is not in accordance with the Clean Air Regulations 1992. You can burn dry horticultural waste, as long as it is not offensive to your neighbours. Concerns in this regard should be directed to the Environmental Health Office. Tel: 278 533... Read More
There are offensive smells emanating from my neighbour’s cess pit or septic tank. How can I get this dealt with?
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This problem can usually be rectified. Call the Environmental Health Office and give details to the Officer responsible for your neighbourhood . The Officer will investigate and work with the homeowner to ensure that the situation is rectified. Read More
My neighbour is doing a lot of spray painting at his house and the fumes are bothersome to me. What can I do?
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Commercial Spray painters must have a licence from the Environmental Authority for their facilities and booths.  Complaints can be lodged and investigated under the Clean Air Act and the Public Health Act for nuisance arising from noxious fumes,... Read More
What can I do about noisy neighbours or barking dogs?
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Complaints about noisy neighbours or barking dogs, can sometimes be difficult and complex because they usually reflect strained relationship between neighbours, that have existed for a period of time. Both parties may feel aggrieved. It is best to di... Read More
A house in my neighbourhood is under construction and the noise wakes me early in the morning or goes on well into the night. How can I stop this?
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Construction is usually something temporary, but it can be disruptive to the neighbourhood. Discuss this with the Environmental Health Officer. The contractor may be able to restrict certain tasks, until after a particular time or make adjustments to... Read More