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What is your contact information & physical/mailing address at the Physiotherapy office?
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Phone: (441) 278-6248 or 278-6427 Fax: (441) 295-7636 E-mail: Our address is: Department of Health - Community Rehabilitation, 67 Victoria Street, P.O. Box HM1195, Hamilton, HMEX, Bermuda. Read More
What is Physiotherapy (PT)?
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Physiotherapy works with children to help them move to the best of their ability. A physiotherapist will treat any condition, which affects a child's physical development paying particular attention to: muscle tone, joint alighnment, balance and... Read More
What treatment(s) are offered / available by a Physiotherapist?
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Treatment may involve: Massages, Muscle stretching, Postural advice, Strenthening exercises, Post-surgical management, Neuro-development therapy, Balance treatment and Motor planning activities. Physiotherapist's can also advise on, splinting an... Read More
What is the evaluation/assessment process to see if my child requires Physiotherapy? i.e. Do I need a referral?
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Full assessment has to be recommended by a physician. Once a physician's referral has been received by the Department of Health's Community Rehabilitation sub-department, you will be contacted by phone or mail and asked to arrange an appoin... Read More
What is the procedure(s) once my child has been evaluated by an Physiotherapist?
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Consultations after evaluation are provided upon parental request, or at the request of other agencies involved with the parents' permission. Consults are used to derterimine whether full evaluation is required and to provide advice. The therapi... Read More
Who decides on a treatment plan for my child and when and where does it take place?
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An intervention plan will be agreed between family and thereapist(s). There may be a waiting list for intervention. Appointments can take place at home or in the child care setting. Please contact the office to arrange an appointment with the Occupat... Read More