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What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?
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Occupational Therapy focuses on a child's ability to function in every day activities or "occupations" that provide meaning to life. OT is improtant for a child when activities are affected (or become limited) by delays in development, disabilit... Read More
What are the procedures once my child has been evaluated by an Occupational Therapist?
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Consultations after evaluation are provided upon parental request or at the request of other agencies involved with the parents' permission. Consults are used to derterimine whether full evaluation is required and to provide advice. The therapis... Read More
Who decides on a OT treatment plan for my child and when and where does it take place?
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An intervention plan will be agreed between family and thereapist(s). There may be a waiting list for intervention. Appointments can take place at home or in the child care setting. Please contact the office to arrange an appointment with the Occupat... Read More
What is your contact information & physical/mailing address?
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Phone: (441) 278-6248 or 278-6427 Fax: (441) 295-7636 E-mail: Department of Health - Community Rehabilitation, 67 Victoria Street, P.O. Box HM1195, Hamilton, HMEX, Bermuda. Read More
Are there any other services offered that assist with any underlying skills that support self-help and play?
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Yes. OT also addresses the underlying skills such as: Fine motor skills e.g. hand dexterity, sensory processing and cognitive/mental functioning. Read More
What type(s) of treatment(s) are offered by OT?
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Treatments are specific and different for every child, however, examples of treatments are: Designing appropriate activities, Using compensatory activities, Adapting the envrionment to fit the child and Prescribing assistive equipment. Read More
What are some examples of everyday child activities?
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Self-help skills such as: dressing, feeding and toileting. Also, play skills such as, using a variety of toys and playing with peers. Read More
Do I need a referral for my child to receive Occupational Therapy treatment?
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Full assessment has to be recommended by a physician. Once a physician's referral has been received by the Department of Health's Community Rehabilitation sub-department, you will be contacted by phone or mail and asked to arrange an appoin... Read More