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What is the contact information for Environmental Health?
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For Environmental Health,Tel: 278.5333, Fax: 232.1941, email:   For the Vector Control Section, Tel 278 5397 Our street address is: Metro Building, 6 Hermitage Rd, Devonshire FL01 Read More
I would like to start barbequing and selling food outside my residence, is this legal?
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No, high risk foods cannot be prepared or sold from a private residence. To sell food the public, you are required to apply for a license from Environmental Health. To operate a food business, one must meet food hygiene standards that exceed those of... Read More
I found a foreign object (e.g. a roach) in my food, who do I speak to about this?
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Environmental Health is responsible for following up on such matters. Do not throw away the food! Bring the food, along with the roach or foreign object and proof of your purchase of the food, to the Environmental Health Office. An Env... Read More
Where can I find the schedule for course offered by Environmental Health?
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Course description and schedules can be found online at, on the Environmental Health site, under the Ministry of Health. Read More
I ate out in a restaurant and I believe that I have food poisoning. What do I do?
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As a first, your physical health must be your priority. Go to the emergency room to get treatment or seek medical help from your G.P. The medical system should report all cases of food poisoning to the Department of Health. The Department of Health i... Read More
Are attendees required to take an exam for courses offered by Environmental Health?
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For the HACCP course, there is a written exam. Certification in other courses is dependant on participation and attendance. Read More
I have noted outdated food in my grocery store. What can be done about this?
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Call the Environmental Health Office. The Officer will investigate and discuss it with the proprietor and take corrective actions which can include removing food from shelves. Read More
What courses do you offer on Food Safety?
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There are presently three courses, of 6 week duration, that are offered by Environmental Health, at the Bermuda College. Read More
How do I register for a course offered by Environmental Health?
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Registration for any of the courses offered by Environmental Health is, at the Environmental Health Office, at 6 Hermitage Road, Devonshire. Read More