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What is the difference between HIP and GEHI?
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GEHI is health insurance for government employees and retirees only, which is provided through the Accountant General's Department. HIP is the health insurance plan offered to the public by Bermuda Government as an affordable option to meet your... Read More
How do I apply for HIP?
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Click here to download form (under 65). Click here to download form (over 65). [8] Read More
Why does HIP not cover all of my medical expenses?
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The objective of HIP is to provide affordable, basic health insurance. HIP is not designed to offer major medical benefits. Therefore, HIP Benefits are limited to ensure that the premiums remain affordable. If HIP were to provide additional benefits,... Read More
Why have my claims for HIP not been paid?
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"HIP hopes to pay claims within 30 days. However, HIP has suffered from administrative challenges over the years, making this standard unachievable in the past. Much of these issues have been resolved with the addition of more staffing, claims proces... Read More
What is the balance on my prescription drug benefit?
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The fiscal year beings on April 1st each year. At that time all H.I.P policyholders over 65 have $1200 worth of prescription drugs. When this benefits is exhausted policyholders must pay out-of-pocket until the beginning of the next year. To obtain y... Read More
Will I receive a HIP card?
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Yes, you should normally receive it within a month of your application. Read More