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I am about to retire, how do I find out details about my retirement?
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Pension details can be obtained by calling and setting up an appointment with the Accountant General's Benefits section at 279 2600. You should call to set up an appointment no later than six (6) months prior to retirement. Please note that the ... Read More
If I should die, what happens to my pension (superannuation) contributions?
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"In the event of death, pension benefits are paid to the beneficiaries of record as named by the employee. Currently we have beneficiary forms which must be completed by each employee: the Spouse/Dependant form or the Beneficiary Option form. We guar... Read More
How much pension (superannuation) will I receive when I retire?
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"To determine the amount of your pension(superannuation)  a pension computation must be requested. You can email the request to or by calling 279 2600 and speaking to a benefits representative. Please give the section 30 days ... Read More
How many years does it take to become vested? (Pension/superannuation)
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"Government Employees who are members of the Public Service Superannuation Fund (PSSF) are vested after 8 years of Superannuation contributions. Read More
What is the earliest age I can retire
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The earliest a Civil Servant can retire is age 60. However, if you have rights under the 1970 pension Act you can retire at age 55.The Police, Prison and Fire services have special circumstances. Their retirement is based on service, which can be det... Read More
Can I transfer my pension (superannuation) to my new employer?
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"Your pension can be transferred to a new employer provided that the pension plan is recognized by the Bermuda Pension Commission. Employees have up to 90 days after termination to decide to transfer their pension. If no response is received after 90... Read More
What is the value of my Superannuation?
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The value is based on your contributions from your Superannuation start date to your final service date. Read More
If I terminate, how long does it take to receive my refund?
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The Public Service Superannuation Amendment Act 2007 states that Refunds are to be paid three months after the date an employee ceases to be employed in the public service. Read More