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What is required for a Amateur radio licence (class3)?

Applications for a class 3 licence are referred to the Telecommunication Inspection for Action.

Any local person wishing to obtain a Class 3 (amateur licence) must pass examinations consisting of code, theory and regulations. There are two classes of licences - Novice and Advanced. The Novice exam consists of a code test of no more than 5 wpm and the test of the regulations and theory. The Advanced exam is a code test of l3 wpm and a theory. The exams are generally set 6 times a year. Locals must bring their test results in to the Ministry and make application for Novice or Advanced licence. The initial licence is valid for one year and expires on June 30th. Thereafter, renewals are for 5years

If non local, applicants must bring a copy of their licence, issued in another jurisdiction, so that their skills can be confirmed along with their local residency. A permit for a three month period will be issued. If the visitor can prove that residency is confirmed for a period longer than a year, a permit will be provided for a year period

After local and non local applicants are approved, a permit in their name and a frequency is assigned to them from the list provided by the Radio Society of Bermuda.

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