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What happens if I have a shipment arrive in Bermuda and it is damaged, or contrary to order?

If the goods were damaged on route to Bermuda the Collector of Customs may allow a reduction in the value of goods which means you will pay less duty on the goods. If they are damaged on the docks in Bermuda you will have to pay the full duty. You must deal with the person responsible for the damage in order to come to some arrangement with regards to claims

If you have paid the duty on a shipment then realized that the goods are defective or unsatisfactory (contrary to order) and you decide to send them back to the original consignor or manufacturer company overseas they must be seen out of the country by a Customs Officer. The Customs Officer will complete a form 52 stating that the goods were duly shipped.

Once this is done, you can write a letter to the Collector of Customs requesting a refund of duty for the defective or unsatisfactory goods. You must supply the original paperwork, invoices and Bermuda Customs Declaration, along with the form 52 and documentary evidence to the satisfaction of Customs that the goods were defective or unsatisfactory.

Defective of unsatisfactory goods that have been re-exported and repaired or replaced under warranty may be re-imported duty free provided that no refund of duty has already paid by Customs in respect of those goods. Where a refund of duty has been granted, duty will be payable on the replacement shipment.

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