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If I decide to use the IS-BAO (International Standard of Business Aircraft Operators) registration method, how do I initiate this process?

A visit to the IBAC (International Business Aviation Council) website www ibac org will provide links to the IS-BAO information. IBAC provides a list of companies who specialize in assisting Operators through the processes. To start the process, you must purchase the IS-BAO which contains the standard and recommended practices as well as extensive guidance material. This guidance material includes a SMS Toolkit, SMS guidance manual, generic company operations manual, guidance on setting up an internal audit program, guidelines for completing a risk analysis and contains the audit protocols used for the registration audit. IS-BAO workshops are also available to help understand the program.

Whether you employ outside assistance or complete the implementation process on your own, you must satisfactorily complete a registration audit conducted by an IBAC accredited auditor before being issued your IS-BAO registration certificate, and subsequently your Bermuda approval.

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