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I am coming to Bermuda on vacation. Can I bring food items?

Yes you may bring food items with you on vacation.

Each traveler is restricted to 50lbs. of meat without certification. Importations of meat in excess of 50lbs. must be accompanied by a 'health inspection certificate', and must be used for personal consumption only, not for sale.

The food items listed below may be imported into Bermuda duty free.

- Breakfast cereals

- Bulgur wheat

- Cream

- Malt

- Potato flour and flakes

- Prepared foods for infant use (including formula)

- Rice

- Sugar

- Wheat and cereal flours

Duty at the rate of 25% of the value will be payable for any foodstuffs not listed above (including meat) for items arriving through the Baggage Hall.

The importation of any of the following dairy products is prohibited except where authorized by the Minister responsible for Agriculture:

- Raw milk

- Pasteurized milk

- Ultra-pasteurized milk

- Ultra heat treated milk

- Manufactured milk

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