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How is Registered E-mail? different from Sender Authentication schemes?

To be clear, RPost? Registered E-mail? service is **completely different** from various e-mail authentication systems that have been proposed by a number of e-mail providers in an effort to produce an Internet standard for e-mail "sender authentication". The goal with these sender authentication plans have been to increase trust in e-mail and reduce the threat of spoofing and phishing. DKIM is an example of a proposed solution. DKIM stores public keys in DNS and digitally signs e-mails on a domain basis. In general, these e-mail authentication systems provide value in allowing message recipients to view e-mail with a greater degree of trust and hold sending domains more accountable.

BY CONTRAST, the core value of the RPost? Registered E-mail? service is in protecting the sender by providing them LEGAL PROOF of the content, attachments, and time the sender's e-mail was legally sent and received by each recipient. The Registered E-mail? system provides the sender of an e-mail with legally valid evidence of the transmission for any Internet address. The RPost? system does not require the recipient to have any special software or take any compliant action to prove delivery. RPost? services provide the sender with a (R)egistered Receipt? e-mail, a tamper-detectable e-mail receipt contains all the information required to prove delivery and content; RPost? does not retain a copy of the message.

IN SUM, Registered E-mail? services provide a record of the e-mail delivery and the content for the sender. Sender authentication systems do not offer such protection to the sender. In fact, the two systems complement each other rather than compete.

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