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How do I get a license to do an auction (auctioneers license)?

According to Auctioneers Act - 1955, any person desiring to carry out a public auction must hold licence. The Act States that:

No person shall sell at public auction any real or personal property either for himself or for any other person, unless during the current calendar year he has paid into the Consolidated Fund $60 in respect of an auctioneer's fee, and displays a receipt from the Accountant-General in respect thereof, in such manner as to be easily visible to persons attending any such auction.

Any person who contravenes this section commits an offence:

Punishment on summary conviction: a fine of $840, and the court imposing such conviction shall, in addition, order the payment of any fee outstanding under this section.

The fees of $60 must be paid to the Accountant General Cashiers, located at:

Government Administration Building

Ground Floor,

30 Parliament Street, Hamilton

Hamilton HM 12

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