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Can I sell food or snowballs or maybe tee shirts on a beach, or at a park or on the roadside?

The Department of Parks has a limited number of locations that are designated for the operation of concessions such as lunch wagons or snowball stands and they are as follows:

1. Ducking Stool Park

2. John Smiths Bay

3. Elbow Beach Park

4. Warwick Long Bay East South Shore Park

5. Chaplin Bay Car Park

6. Church Bay Park

In order to operate applicants must first apply in writing to the Department of Parks.

The possession of a Peddlers License does not grant you the right to set up in a protected area without the approval of the Director of Parks.

Successful applicants are then issued a small lease which specifies the location and terms and conditions.

The lease is normally issued for a two year period.

The restaurant concessions that operate at Shelly Bay Beach and Horseshoe Bay have their leases issued by the Estates Section of Works & Engineering.

The restaurant concession lease at Clearwater Beach is issued by the Bermuda Land Development Company.

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