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As I do not wish to seek IS-BAO (International Standard of Business Aircraft Operators) registration, what can I do?

You have three (3) options at the moment:-

To seek the assistance of a Bermuda approved producer of manuals, etc to support the development of the Operator's Safety Management System (SMS) along with additional requirements of OTAR Part 125. When completed be audited on an annual basis by the Bermuda DCA to gain and subsequently maintain your approval.

To produce (write all the manuals yourself and submit them to the Bermuda DGA for review for compliance with OTAR Part 125. When the documents are deemed acceptable, you will be audited by the Bermuda DCA on an annual basis.

If you hold an AOC granted by the State of the Operator you may add additional chapters to your approved Operations Manual, which refer to the specific requirements of OTAR 125. This can be achieved by conducting a gap analysis. This may not be necessary if you operate the Bermuda registered aircraft to the same standards for those aircraft covered under the AOC (e g Same Flight Crew duty limits).

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